Welcome to European Atherosclerosis Journal, a new Open Access Journal

European Atherosclerosis Journal, a new Open Access Journal

Alberto Corsini
Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, University of Milan, Milan, Italy


As the Editor in Chief, I am pleased to introduce European Atherosclerosis Journal, a new open access journal, which is conceived to publish peer reviewed articles covering all topics within atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease area.
Why a new journal in this area? Atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases represent a hot topic in the field of human health. Despite the development and approval of several new effective and safe drugs in the last years, cardiovascular disease still represents a major cause of mortality and morbidity all over the world, including low income countries, in which the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors has been increasing significantly in recent years.
These observations further support the need to continue to deepen the knowledge of genetic and molecular mechanisms causing atherosclerosis, as well as the impact of lifestyle and behaviour of both single individuals and the population, and the role of pharmacological interventions in the control and prevention of this disease. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the onset and progression of atherosclerosis makes possible the conception of new drugs that specifically target causal genes or proteins.
The continuous progress of available methodologies allows an ever deeper understanding of the multiple, interconnected mechanisms that govern the complex process of atherosclerosis. This is crucial for the development of new pharmacological approaches, but also paves the way for a personalized medicine based on the specific characteristics of each single patient. All aspects related to atherosclerotic related cardiovascular diseases lie within the scope of European Atherosclerosis Journal.
The journal is meant to encourage the submission of research papers that may shed further lights in this field, but also fosters thematic issues and featured articles dealing with specific hot topics. European Atherosclerosis Journal publishes original research papers, reviews, methodology papers, editorials, letters to the Editor, viewpoints, congress/conference reports.
Papers will be rapidly processed, with a rigorous revision process by expert reviewers, and published on line as soon as accepted. As an open access journal, papers will be immediately and freely available for all researchers and institutions interested in these topics. European Atherosclerosis Journal is supported by a qualified international Editorial Board, which includes renowned scientists who embrace different aspects in the field of atherosclerosis and related cardiovascular diseases. Their expertise will ensure that all articles published in European Atherosclerosis Journal satisfy the highest scientific standard.

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